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Our F Jobs

how do you fill the “f jobs” ? before continue reading please note it.

when I was surfing on the internet I have seen the image. When I read the bottom part of it, the idea of this article sparkled.

The world is shaping how we are looking on it. I am working for a long time and as a civil engineer working on a project base, I have worked with a variety of people.

There are people who are working in a job that they do not like but simply they have to. But the problem is mostly not about the job the problem is about how we are looking… When I talk with the people who are not happy with their jobs I can clearly realize that they are concentrating on the negative parts of their job, classically a bad manager, hard working conditions, and etc.

But I have another idea that if you change your point of view and try to look the things differently or care in other ways, your f job will become a fantastic one. This is the magic.

I can give you an example of myself; I have worked in risky parts of the world; like Afghanistan (Kandahar Airfield) while the war was going on with cruel Taliban. But when I start to tell about my job at there most people are thinking and saying that you seem like you have enjoyed it so much. The fact is after a while I have realised that I am concentrating on the god parts of my job. And believe me, if I concentrate on rocket attacks, working overtime and over time and like quad-tasking, poor internet connection, and many negative things, this duty/job would be a definite f job, not a fantastic experience.

Let’s go with your noted answer if you read f jobs as fantastic then you are good to go but if you are reading it as the other way I think you need to re-think your approach…


2nd Dispute Boards Seminar

Attend to a Dispute Board Hearing

Do you want to attend a Dispute Board Hearing!. Alone, the Dispute Adjudication Boards (DABs) term is frightening the construction professionals…. But now you have a chance to attend to a mock dispute board hearing.

one of my projects there was millions of dollars (literally) disputed amount that was basically the result of the different point of views to the works executed and of course interpretation of the Contract. But at the end, millions of dollars were on the table waiting for a resolution. I was telling myself “just the total amount of the basic interest rate and man hours spend for the disputed works could start and finish a middle scale construction project”. As a result, I witnessed myself how costly and time-consuming can be for those kinds of unresolvable disputes.

Last years, I got a chance to attend a training by UAE Society of Engineers  called “Arbitration in Construction under FIDIC Contracts”. In the training, I learnt the fundamentals about disputes, arbitration, boards, and etc.. Moreover main differences between Arbitration and Dispute Adjudication.  But I was curious to see a live Dispute Board Hearing after the training…

Couple of days before I got an invitation mail from Dispute Boards MENA which was calling (me) for 2nd Dispute Borads Mena Seminar. At the end, I will have the chance to attend a Dispute Board Hearing even it is mock. If I would stay in Emirates up to meeting date which I don’t know yet. But if I am around,  I will definitely attend Mock Dispute Board Hearing. 

Besides, as indicated in the programme one-hour Networking will be another advantage of the day for you.

Part of the invitation mail which is self-explanatory:

The seminar will consist of an introduction to DABs followed by a mock dispute board hearing during where listed DB MENA practitioners will take on the roles of the Contractor, the Engineer and the DAB. Specifically, the Contractor will present his case to the DAB and the Engineer will respond on behalf of the Employer. Having heard both cases, the DAB will give a decision and share the reasons for reaching it.

Details for the Mock Dispute Board Hearing:

Date: Wednesday 13th April 2016
6:30pm – 7:00pm – Networking and Refreshments
7:00pm – 8:00pm – Mock DAB Hearing
8:00pm – 8:30pm – Q&A
Venue: Conference Centre, Block 1, Dubai Knowledge Village. A car park is located directly across the road from the Conference Centre for those driving to the venue.
Presenting the Mock DAB Hearing:
Representing the Contractor: Andy Hewitt
Representing the Engineer: Gordon Clark
Representing the DAB: TBA
Fees: Dispute Boards MENA is a non-profit initiative. We, therefore, ask for a fee of AED 100 per person to cover the costs of running the event.

For more information website of the Dispute Boards MENA:

For Registering the event:

Dubai Media City

Rents continue to drop in the UAE

These days one of the hot topics we are discussing about  in the UAE is the rents continue to drop in the UAE. As an expat living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when somebody asks my advice about Emirates, the first topic is definitely “Rents”.  Yearly rent for a studio was  around 15.000 USD in 2015. So it is a topic to talk…

As an expat living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when somebody asks my advice about Emirates, the first topic is definitely “Rents”.  Yearly rent for a studio was  around 15.000 USD in 2015. So it is a topic to talk…

Two years before when the rent increase law(rent cap) which was limiting the rent increases have been taken on hold and the rents hiked all of a sudden more than 15% in some properties in Abu Dhabi and other emirates as well. Everybody was thinking that the rents will continue to hike.

But the sudden decrease in the oil prices showed its effect and rents started to drop (some says maturing :))  at the end of 2015.

But I was not expecting the rent drops would continue in 2016 but to settle down.

First, The news article referring a report “Rents continue to drop as property market matures” at Big 5 website confirms me;

The report, issued by Core UAE, the real estate consultancy affiliated with Savills, compares rental declines in apartments which have been in the range of 5-6 percent in areas such as DIFC Downtown, Dubai Marina and JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence). Meanwhile, villas have seen declines of 3-12 percent since the beginning of 2015.

Secondly, yesterday a friend of mine, living in the newer part of the city called Reem Island happily told me that; the owner has decreased the rent around 1%. Which makes me write about the topic.

On the other hand, developers continue their projects but you can see a slow down in the new developments which is not good news for me as a construction professional.