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Our F Jobs

how do you fill the “f jobs” ? before continue reading please note it.

when I was surfing on the internet I have seen the image. When I read the bottom part of it, the idea of this article sparkled.

The world is shaping how we are looking on it. I am working for a long time and as a civil engineer working on a project base, I have worked with a variety of people.

There are people who are working in a job that they do not like but simply they have to. But the problem is mostly not about the job the problem is about how we are looking… When I talk with the people who are not happy with their jobs I can clearly realize that they are concentrating on the negative parts of their job, classically a bad manager, hard working conditions, and etc. 

But I have another idea that if you change your point of view and try to look the things differently or care in other ways, your f job will become a fantastic one. This is the magic. 

I can give you an example of myself; I have worked in risky parts of the world; like Afghanistan (Kandahar Airfield) while the war was going on with cruel Taliban. But when I start to tell about my job at there most people are thinking and saying that you seem like you have enjoyed it so much. The fact is after a while I have realised that I am concentrating on the god parts of my job. And believe me, if I concentrate on rocket attacks, working overtime and over time and like quad-tasking, poor internet connection, and many negative things, this duty/job would be a definite f job, not a fantastic experience.  

Let’s go with your noted answer if you read f jobs as fantastic then you are good to go but if you are reading it as the other way I think you need to re-think your approach…







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