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FIDIC's Logo

As it is mentioned in the title of the Blog I am a civil engineer and working for International Construction Project Management Firm. As a result of this FIDIC is one of my topics that needed to be worked/ studied on.
I created a FIDIC starter guide who wants to learn general information about FIDIC on the Q-A (Questions and Answers) basis.

What is FIDIC?
FIDIC is the acronym for International Federation of Consulting Engineers and as it is exactly written in French; “Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils”

or about sservices and historical backgound of FIDIC, refer Wikipedia page.

Who are the FIDIC Members?
Its members are national associations of consulting engineers.
All contracts contain risks for Contracting Authorities/ Employers and Contractors – There is no risk-free contract and FIDIC attempts to rationalize and allocate responsibilities for main risks.
A key requirement is for the Contract Parties to fully understand the FIDIC General and Particular Conditions of Contract that set out their Responsibilities and Risks within a Project
Every risk given to the other party has its cost, no Party assumes a risk for free. Read More