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  • FIDIC Silver Book & FIDIC Gold Book

    Within the EPC/Turnkey Based projects FIDIC Silver Book will be your guide. As my last two projects were EPC based and the last one is PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Infrastructure-Highway project within a multinational joint venture private partnership side on the other hand and if you have in the same kind of project (These days most of […]

  • FIDIC Red Book

    After a short break, lets continue with the FIDIC Guidelines. I got mails requesting the rainbow books for share. Newbies of FIDIC, for a general overview please refer my previous post titled; FIDIC. Our first Book is FIDIC Red Book, Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer. Below […]


    As it is mentioned in the title of the Blog I am a civil engineer and working for International Construction Project Management Firm. As a result of this FIDIC is one of my topics that needed to be worked/ studied on. I created a FIDIC starter guide who wants to learn general information about FIDIC […]