Engineering Highlights from the London Olympics

London Olympic Stadium

Olympic Games 2012 – London ended yesterday after the closing ceremony. There were many discussions on medals, countries, etc.

But another issue was the engineering highlights from the London Olympics and of course the civil engineering side of the games; Phases through design, plan & built, how they will manage, what is the plans after all.

I noticed an article on the “Scientific American” web site that tries to summarize London Olympic Games Buildings. As they mentioned within the slideshow, I want to repeat the question; “hosting the Olympic Games changes a city–even a metropolis as big and ancient as London”
My answer is yes it will change for London.

Finally, as a citizen of a long runner Olympic Games Host Nominee country we should have our lessons learned from London Olympics on our behalf. About 10 years ago we built an Olympic Stadium in Istanbul – Turkey but as a result of many mistakes(engineering[wind control], location, transportation, etc.) it is still idle after some disappointing efforts.

For A Tour of Engineering Highlights from the London Olympics [Slide Show] please click here.






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