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  • Best Delay Analysis Method

    Best Delay Analysis Method

    If you are dealing with delay in your (construction) project; It is the ultimate question that what is the Best Delay Analysis Method for your Construction Project, especially which delay analysis methodology suits best for your case. Currently, I am working for a multi billion Railway Project project which delays can be costly for all […]

  • The Types of Bridges

    The Types of Bridges

    Bridges are essential when it comes to passing all kind of gaps/spans for civil engineers so the types of bridges as well. When we have discussed any kind and any types of bridges there can be complications especially with the less experienced civil engineers, even I had confusions in the past, moreover if English is […]

  • Construction of Bored Piles Video

    Construction of Bored Piles Video

    Recently, I have shifted to Nigeria and as the part of  our project, we need to build several bridges which we had problems/challenges at the construction of Bored Piles. The designers decided on cast-in-place bored piles. The first problem was due to the river bed strata there was a thought of using permanent casing but it […]

  • Attend to a Dispute Board Hearing

    Attend to a Dispute Board Hearing

    Do you want to attend a Dispute Board Hearing!. Alone, the Dispute Adjudication Boards (DABs) term is frightening the construction professionals…. But now you have a chance to attend to a mock dispute board hearing.  one of my projects there was millions of dollars (literally) disputed amount that was basically the result of the different point […]

  • 6 Tools for Project Cost Control

    Just to keep in mind

  • India Real Estate Outlook – H1, 2014

    Previous days I have seen the report about India Real Estate Outlook – H1, 2014 which have been prepared by Knight Frank India and want to share it with you but due to my busy schedule I just have time. [slideshare id=38553678&doc=indiarealestateoutlook-slideshare-140901042410-phpapp02] As a former expat worked in India. I have interest and expectations from […]

  • Which One Is Better; 4 Way Stop Vs Roundabout

    this is a global question; Which One Is Better; 4 Way Stop Vs Roundabout I can write lots of thing through the experiments and researches to determine which one is better but there is a fact that Americans are fan of 4 way stop and English are definitely on roundabout side. but lets watch the Mythbusters […]

  • Gulf Construction Overview 2014

    Gulf is famous for its remarkable construction projects so get commercial and discuss about Gulf Construction Overview 2014. It seems like it will be another impressive year for Gulf Region but for Dubai my expectation is so high for next year that Dubai recently working on projects (FEED Phase) for Expo 2014. Gulf Construction Overview […]

  • How to Build Speed Humps

    I should admit that I am a bit obsessed with speed humps, especially as a civil engineer how to build speed humps which I see a lot of speed humps which are just built without any projection nor calculation; some too short, some too high and some with so short intervals that I saw three […]

  • Engineering in the Ancient World

    Lets talk about the ancient world and especially “Engineering in the Ancient World” through a book named as same as the topic which I have read recently which have enlightened me about some topics especially hydraulic engineering. Especially the topic “Water supplies and engineering” was my favorite as it answered many questions in my mind […]