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  • Picture of a Solar Future …

    Picture of a Solar Future …

    I am a huge supporter  and fan of Solar Energy.  Couple of days ago when I was on a site visit at a remote area, I saw this house with a solar panel on top which made me think that it is a picture of solar future.  It is in Ruvu area in Tanzania where […]

  • Our F Jobs

    Our F Jobs

    how do you fill the “f jobs” ? before continue reading please note it. when I was surfing on the internet I have seen the image. When I read the bottom part of it, the idea of this article sparkled. The world is shaping how we are looking on it. I am working for a […]

  • Rents continue to drop in the UAE

    Rents continue to drop in the UAE

    These days one of the hot topics we are discussing about  in the UAE is the rents continue to drop in the UAE. As an expat living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when somebody asks my advice about Emirates, the first topic is definitely “Rents”.  Yearly rent for a studio was  around 15.000 USD in 2015. […]

  • India Real Estate Outlook – H1, 2014

    Previous days I have seen the report about India Real Estate Outlook – H1, 2014 which have been prepared by Knight Frank India and want to share it with you but due to my busy schedule I just have time. [slideshare id=38553678&doc=indiarealestateoutlook-slideshare-140901042410-phpapp02] As a former expat worked in India. I have interest and expectations from […]

  • Cloud Based Data Preservation System for Construction Sites

    The real topic is Cloud  Based Data Preservation System for small and medium size construction sites also I should admit that I have leaded this system to be set-up at my previous job with our IT Guy(s). System have served very well with a short learning curve and absolutely no data have been lost. This […]

  • Vocation VS Stress

    It is time for holiday and holiday means a huge post-holiday stress for most of the employees so as I am on holiday too lets share a chart vocation vs stress.

  • Gulf Construction Overview 2014

    Gulf is famous for its remarkable construction projects so get commercial and discuss about Gulf Construction Overview 2014. It seems like it will be another impressive year for Gulf Region but for Dubai my expectation is so high for next year that Dubai recently working on projects (FEED Phase) for Expo 2014. Gulf Construction Overview […]

  • List of Turkish Technical Consultancy Companies

    For years I am working with international projects with multinational teams/companies. Some of the projects I stepped into from the scratch and realized that the companies have issues in a new market/country as to build up team, collaboration with local laws – legislation and also codes, specifications, standards and etc. Besides that presently in construction […]

  • World’s Largest Contemporary Land Art Landscape in Turkey

    Andrew Rogers is a leading contemporary artist. For the latest installment of his five-continent “Rhythms of Life” art project’s “Time and Space” part, he picked central Turkey due to its natural beauty and long history of settlement by many civilizations also the surreal natural formations of Turkey’s Cappadocia region, where soft volcanic rocks have eroded […]