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  • Construction of Bored Piles Video

    Construction of Bored Piles Video

    Recently, I have shifted to Nigeria and as the part of ¬†our project, we need to build several bridges which we had problems/challenges at the construction of Bored Piles. The designers decided on cast-in-place¬†bored piles. The first problem was due to the river bed strata there was a thought of using permanent casing but it […]

  • Engineering in the Ancient World

    Lets talk about the ancient world and especially “Engineering in the Ancient World” through a book named as same as the topic which I have read recently which have enlightened me about some topics especially hydraulic engineering. Especially the topic “Water supplies and engineering” was my favorite as it answered many questions in my mind […]

  • List of Turkish Technical Consultancy Companies

    For years I am working with international projects with multinational teams/companies. Some of the projects I stepped into from the scratch and realized that the companies have issues in a new market/country as to build up team, collaboration with local laws – legislation and also codes, specifications, standards and etc. Besides that presently in construction […]