Construction of Bored Piles Video

Recently, I have shifted to Nigeria and as the part of  our project, we need to build several bridges which we had problems/challenges at the construction of Bored Piles. The designers decided on cast-in-place bored piles. The first problem was due to the river bed strata there was a thought of using permanent casing but it was not cost effective choice that based on the test reports with the help of dense slurry we can use temporary casing instead of temporary for our bored piles.  After discussing it with our geotechnical engineer I was able to take his approval too.

Next challenge was the casing length that previously bored pile was collapsed partially and the client was requesting for a full-length casing which is not needed as out of 26th meter only first 12 meter was loose sand. And after long discussions with our geotechnical engineer, clients engineers and of course design and QA/QC team we were able to conclude on the  meter length for the temporary casing.

The last part was the testing part  the first decision was just selective load test but  when we have the strength test results from the laboratory which was above but there was a fluctuation between the samples so we decided to go with a full load test.

Yesterday I was surfing on the internet and I watched the video above.  In 33 minutes you would learn about the construction of Bored Piles detailed, very easy to understand, and cover all the topic properly.

So special thanks to Australian New South Wales Government and their Road and Maritime Services.


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