Cloud Based Data Preservation System for Construction Sites

NAS Drive for Construction Flowchart
NAS Drive for Construction Flowchart

The real topic is Cloud  Based Data Preservation System for small and medium size construction sites also I should admit that I have leaded this system to be set-up at my previous job with our IT Guy(s). System have served very well with a short learning curve and absolutely no data have been lost.
This is the introduction report for the system for Higher Management so there is no how-to on technology detailed it is brief summary.
If you want to learn more I will try to reply your questions;

Computers are part of our work environment. But in the world an issue is getting importance day by day; Data preservation and data management. At this article it is gonna be challenge and try to resolve the data preservation and management with basics of cloud storage
The general definition of cloud storage is; “Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored in virtual pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties.” For our article cloud storage is networking your storage both with Site offices and main office and also with headquarters of SOMA.
In over all the world at site offices especially in road construction internet connection would be problem and unstable internet connection with the effect of online users at the same time effects data transition from/to the main office negative.So for the local data storage devices and synchronization between sites we can work on webular datas as local data or vice-verse.
The main advantage of the Cloud storage is providing users with immediate access to a broad range of resources infrastructure of other branch organization via a web service and use the data like local in a budget solution.
Network-attached storage (NAS)
NAS is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to heterogeneous clients. NAS not only operates as a file server, but is specialized for this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements. NAS is often made as a computer appliance – a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files – rather than simply a general purpose computer being used for the role.
The NAS drive that will be selected shall have Raid property and has minimum two hard drives backing up each other simultaneously and the capacity depends on the targeted documentation system.
Network Connected computers with Internet Connection
In general all departments computers are attached to the central network as well as NAS drives for all the places. The sync. Directories shall be selected from the selected computers and sync. Settings will be done by IT personnel.
Also at the general view the NAS drives will be connected with each other and transmit data with each other.
System shall be designed as individual clouds. Site branch offices and Main site office will have its own NAS drive that is pre-programmed by the IT technician(s) of company based on the flowchart above.
For the Main HQ even if it is figured as a NAS drive is attached to the network it can be on a server manner or another way that IT Department rely on.


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