India Real Estate Outlook – H1, 2014

Previous days I have seen the report about India Real Estate Outlook – H1, 2014 which have been prepared by Knight Frank India and want to share it with you but due to my busy schedule I just have time.

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As a former expat worked in India. I have interest and expectations from India for the future. Even though India have its own dynamics, way of working and many many more …

Lets talk about the Report:
It was the election year and it effected as slow economic growth, inflation, etc. so:
Construction market was less stable.
As a result of elections, market did not want to launch new projects.
The extreme demand will continue in India in my opinion.
As a result of the elections market will gain power again.
And also as far as my observations and discussions with Indians the new President “Modi” has already a positive psychological expectations for the future.

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