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Engineering Highlights from the London Olympics

London Olympic Stadium

Olympic Games 2012 – London ended yesterday after the closing ceremony. There were many discussions on medals, countries, etc.

But another issue was the engineering highlights from the London Olympics and of course the civil engineering side of the games; Phases through design, plan & built, how they will manage, what is the plans after all.

I noticed an article on the “Scientific American” web site that tries to summarize London Olympic Games Buildings. As they mentioned within the slideshow, I want to repeat the question; “hosting the Olympic Games changes a city–even a metropolis as big and ancient as London”
My answer is yes it will change for London.

Finally, as a citizen of a long runner Olympic Games Host Nominee country we should have our lessons learned from London Olympics on our behalf. About 10 years ago we built an Olympic Stadium in Istanbul – Turkey but as a result of many mistakes(engineering[wind control], location, transportation, etc.) it is still idle after some disappointing efforts.

For A Tour of Engineering Highlights from the London Olympics [Slide Show] please click here.


FIDIC's Logo

As it is mentioned in the title of the Blog I am a civil engineer and working for International Construction Project Management Firm. As a result of this FIDIC is one of my topics that needed to be worked/ studied on.
I created a FIDIC starter guide who wants to learn general information about FIDIC on the Q-A (Questions and Answers) basis.

What is FIDIC?
FIDIC is the acronym for International Federation of Consulting Engineers and as it is exactly written in French; “Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils”

or about sservices and historical backgound of FIDIC, refer Wikipedia page.

Who are the FIDIC Members?
Its members are national associations of consulting engineers.
All contracts contain risks for Contracting Authorities/ Employers and Contractors – There is no risk-free contract and FIDIC attempts to rationalize and allocate responsibilities for main risks.
A key requirement is for the Contract Parties to fully understand the FIDIC General and Particular Conditions of Contract that set out their Responsibilities and Risks within a Project
Every risk given to the other party has its cost, no Party assumes a risk for free. Read More

Nuclear Energy in Turkey and The First Nuclear Power Plant

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Photo of 3D Modelling

Brief History of Nuclear Energy in Turkey,

For decades Turkey is planning to construct a nuclear station. And whenever government decides to work on the nuclear power plant plans first NGO’s than public reacted so strict. That I call it Turkey’s Game on Nuclear Energy

Besides, Chernobyl Accident in 1986 affected Turkey seriously especially north east parts that corps, people even unborn have effects of radioactivity. Cancer ratios climb like crazy, etc… I think that is the main subject why Turks are not pleased about nuclear power plant idea.

As a result, whenever it has been started to talked about nuclear power plant lots of debates has been held on TV’s, newspapers, etc. and government could not able to approve any Nuclear Power Plant Projects.

Turkey’s first Nuclear Power Plant; Akkuyu – Mersin NPP Read More

Civil Engineer Career Path

Most of the new graduates have the same question in their mind about their career path as a civil engineer; “Which way is the best for my career “and of course “how I can plan my career path”.

On my side there are a lot of ways and branches for creating or determining your path also former step will affect your next step and “what is your goal”. The two main discussions are also engaging with each other.

As an example if you want to go on with the Academic career you should make strong grades and of course GPA. Your grades will affect universities decision for Masters or PhD as well as scores of GRE (for US) or ALES (for Turkey), etc.

Some days ago I have noticed that American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Career Development created a book or brochure about career paths in Civil Engineering which has classified on the sectors as Government, Education, consulting, Industry and Construction, like a career path guide for civil engineers

Here, seek out the career path that best fits your goals and will be most satisfying to you. Read More

istanbul; a unique city and it’s new feature

Traffic Jam

Istanbul, 6th most attractive city of the world for the tourists according to the UNWTO (The World Tourism Organization), by June 2012 report. Besides, counted as the largest city of Europe and third most crowded city in the world following Bombay and Mexico (population is around 14 Million). As a result of this huge population green areas are so limited and existing Greenland are effecting both through illegal and dense housing. Read More