Engineering Highlights from the London Olympics

Olympic Games 2012 – London ended yesterday after the closing ceremony. There were many discussions on medals, countries, etc. But another issue was the engineering highlights from the London Olympics and of course the civil engineering side of the games; Phases through design, plan & built, how they will manage, what is the plans after …

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As it is mentioned in the title of the Blog I am a civil engineer and working for International Construction Project Management Firm. As a result of this FIDIC is one of my topics that needed to be worked/ studied on. I created a FIDIC starter guide who wants to learn general information about FIDIC …

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Nuclear Energy in Turkey and The First Nuclear Power Plant

Brief History of Nuclear Energy in Turkey, For decades Turkey is planning to construct a nuclear station. And whenever government decides to work on the nuclear power plant plans first NGO’s than public reacted so strict. That I call it Turkey’s Game on Nuclear Energy Besides, Chernobyl Accident in 1986 affected Turkey seriously especially north …

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Going on Multi Language – Çoklu Dil Donusumu

Hi, Blog is getting on a multi language based one. Main directory will be English . For Turkish posts click here or  address.   Merhaba, Blog çok dilli bir yapıya bürünüyor. Giriş sayfası ingilizce olacak bundan sonra. Türkçe sayfalara ulaşmak için lütfen buradan buyurun veya adresini kullanın.